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Granny Squares Are Happening All Over My House

My dog recently whelped, and for that and the first 8 weeks of the puppies’ lives she has had to return to her breeder. When I can finally take her home again, one little border collie girl will get to come with us. Having recently discovered the wonder that is The Granny Square, I am determined to crochet two dog-sized blankets in the meantime. If granny-squareing (surely that’s a word?) is something you might like to try, I can personally recommend these tutorials.

A relatively dark colour palette seemed necessary as dogs aren’t exactly known for their pernickety cleanliness. These blankets are being made to a deadline, so I can really appreciate how quickly one square crochets up. As a result however, there are a couple of projects that are being neglected.

Dog Blanket Victim 1#: A pair of woolly socks. I really like this pattern, but I must admit that it looks astonishingly dull on the needles. I feel I can justify leaving them in my knitting bag for the time being though, as they aren’t very seasonal.

Dog Blanket Victim 2#: A cable knit scarf. The slowly improving weather in Berlin once again comes to the rescue as I can’t imagine creating anything scarf-shaped now that spring is (sort of) here. I have played with the idea of frogging the whole thing anyway, as Rachel owns a particularly nice cardigan made of a very similar yarn. Alas, there is no pattern as it was shop-bought. In a bout of irrational over-confidence in my knitting abilities, however, I have convinced myself that if she sends me enough detailed photographs of the thing I could cobble something together. Maybe.

There will be updates on the blankets as they are ongoing projects. On the subject of ongoing projects – macarons; 3 disasters down, how many more to go?

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